A high-level desktop valuation provides a comprehensive property assessment without the need for an onsite inspection. It is a valuable option under specific circumstances, offering convenience and efficiency for various property valuation needs.

What is a High-Level Desktop Valuation

A high-level desktop valuation is a property assessment conducted remotely, without physical inspection of the property. This method is particularly beneficial when onsite visits are impractical or impossible due to factors such as property sale status, restricted access, or remote location.


Cases Where High-Level Desktop Valuations Are Offered:

1. Retrospective Valuations: Essential for statutory purposes like Capital Gains Tax, Super-fund reporting, and Stamp Duty calculations.
2. Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Advice: Provides valuable insights for property transactions.
3. Family Law: When access to the subject property is restricted due to dispute reasons, a desktop valuation offers a viable solution.

Advantages of High-Level Desktop Valuations:

1. Cost-Effective: Since there is no need for travel expenses, high-level desktop valuations are considerably cheaper compared to standard valuations.
2. Time-Efficient: Desktop valuations offer quicker turnaround times, making them an efficient option for urgent property valuation needs.
3. Accessibility: Offers accessibility in situations where physical access to the property is restricted or challenging.

High-level desktop valuations are a practical and efficient alternative to traditional onsite property inspections. Offering cost-effectiveness, speed, and accessibility, they cater to various valuation needs, ensuring timely and accurate property assessments.

What do you need to get a high level desktop valuation?

For clients opting for a high-level desktop valuation, the process is streamlined for convenience.

Here’s what you need to do:

Provide Recent Photos:
Clients are required to submit recent photos of the property to be valued. These photos help our valuation experts gain a visual understanding of the property’s condition and features.

Complete Questionnaire:
Clients need to fill out a questionnaire that we will provide detailing any recent changes or updates made to the property. This information assists our valuation team in accurately assessing the property’s value based on the latest developments.

For Retrospective Valuations:
In cases requiring retrospective valuations, where recent onsite photos are not available, our team utilises online photos to supplement the valuation process.

If you need further assistance or have specific inquiries regarding high-level desktop valuations, feel free to reach out to us on 1800 828 222 or our contact form.